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Acupuncture That

Can Be Trusted!

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Acupuncture that 
nourishes you from
the root.

Working with Acupuncture in a holistic approach seeing the whole person, using Modern and Classic Acupuncture styles focusing on the treatment of:


Acute and Chronic Pain, Chronic health conditions, Trauma, Emotional Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Stress Reduction, Post-Concussion Syndrome, Kids health and the treatment of persistent symptoms by clearing blockages to healing.

Nir believes that addressing the root cause means looking for what is interfering with your blue-print of health and attempting to support your body to overcome that limitation, so you are able to express health to the best of your body's ability.

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“when we heal something in ourselves, we heal it for the world.”

Rescue Puppy

Are you ready for

some positive shifts?

Using Acupuncture on the body and on the ear (Auricular), we can better regulate your nervous system so you can feel better in your body.

Using German Auricular (which is a style of ear acupuncture) we can clear blockages from your nervous system so it can self regulate in a better way.


Clearing these blockages from the body/nervous system/mind, can help the body resolve persistent symptoms that did not respond to therapy so far.

We can also help the you process past trauma using ear acupuncture, so you will feel more expansive in your life.

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about us

Nir is an experienced Acupuncturist which uses different styles of acupuncture to support you in achieving your Health Goals, experiencing a Stress Free Body and a Sense of Well Being.

Treatment Modalities


Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture

Ear acupuncture was originally developed by the French physician Dr. Paul Nogier of Lion.


Dr Nogier had mapped the whole body into the ear and developed ways to discern pathology in the body while screening the ear and the radial pulse. 


Body Acupuncture

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and the capacity to 'read the qi' we can discern which are the most active points in relation to you main concerns.


Needling these active points delivers and effective acupuncture treatment. 


Low Level Laser Therapy ('Cold Laser')

'Cold Laser' can be used instead of acupuncture needles for kids and adult with similar results.


The cold laser can also penetrate deeper through different tissue and can be used to help and accelerate the healing of local structures.



The use of Semi-Permanent needles

What if you could extended the Acupuncture treatment effects for up to one week?


Semi-Permanent needles are  like small needles that stay in the ear up to one week and continue to stimulate the nervous system to encourage it to create a shift or clear a holding pattern.

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Dandelion Fields


1108 Hammer Crt, Lower Mission, Kelowna.

Tel: 778.594.1066

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