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Clearing persistent symptoms

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Using ear acupuncture (German Auricular style) and palpating the radial pulse, we can find blockages to healing that are called a ‘FOCUS’ that are inhibiting the ability of the body to regain health.

A ‘FOCUS’ could be a scar tissue, surgical scar, emotional trauma or a mental blockage. After clearing the ‘FOCUS’ from the nervous system the body is able to resolve chronic issues it was previously not able to overcome and heal from.

For example: a patient that is recovering from a car accident but her neck keeps on bothering her no matter how many massages and physio treatments she had received.


When we look a bit deeper the patient had an emotional trauma at an early age – when this trauma is ‘cleared’  from nervous system via ear acupuncture the patient’s body starts responding and persistent symptoms start to improve – her neck issue that was triggered by the car accident is finally improving.

Another common ‘FOCUS’ are Surgical scars old or new, that can potentially still be “Active” and create various issues in your body. A scar can still hold low grade inflammation in its tissue and also interfere with ‘electric conductivity’ or Meridian flow – that can cause ‘weird symptoms’.


As an example, an older client of mine that had chronic headaches for 20 years, that had been resolved via ear acupuncture only after his ‘Tonsillectomy’ scar was ‘neutralized’ via ear acupuncture.

If your conditions does not respond well to treatments of other healing modalities you might have a ‘Neurological holding pattern‘ that needs to be resolved in your nervous system and brain before the body can fully heal from a previous injury.

Using Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture we can find and treat areas in your body that are still creating a “Drag” on your system or are creating low grade Inflammation – for example: Low Grade Tooth Infection, Low Grade Sinus Infection and Allergies. Treating those areas in the body through Auricular acupuncture will enable your body to access more healing resources so it can heal.


Examples for common ‘Focuses’  / areas / layers in the body that can impede healing:


1. Surgical scars ( C- section, Tonsils, Laminectomy – back surgery, Epidural injection, any surgery)

2. Emotional trauma / a time in your life that you didn’t get what you needed as a child / a time of great stress.

4. Birth Trauma / If the mother was very stressed during the pregnancy – can affect the baby and has residual affect in our lives as adults.

3. Multiple Concussions / tail bone injuries.

4. Chronic areas of inflammation, allergies, intestinal issues – food sensitives.

5. Strong emotions that had persisted for a long period of time / Grief / Loss.


Clearing the ‘FOCUS’ from the nervous system (Via ear acupuncture) frees up more of the body’s resources so it can regain the capacity to heal !!!

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