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Auricular Acupuncture


One of Dr Nogier's closest student is Dr. Frank Bahr, which has continued to develop the medicine using different glass ampules and different substances to show different levels of blockages in the body as they reflect into the ear. Some of the substances that are used today are made out of flower essences, medication, minerals and vitamins.

Using these substances over the ear while palpating the radial arterial pulse we notice pulse changes when a substance is held over an active ear point that correlates to that energetic layer.

When the active point is treated correctly with a needle / Laser, the pulse does not respond positive anymore ( does not becomes bigger ) to the substance that is positioned over the previously active point, confirming that the the ear acupuncture point had been treated effectively.

What can German Auricular - style of ear acupuncture do for you?


A Quick patient story


Using Auricular acupuncture, a few years back I saw a patient (in his early 70's) that had chronic headaches for around 20 years, once a day, we treated the patient with body acupuncture for a few sessions with no lasting results.

I switched to Auricular acupuncture style and scanned the patient's ear with a special 3 Volt battery while holding his radial pulse.

What showed up was a 'Focus' activity in the tonsils area. I have asked if had had a tonsillectomy done, he said that he was 14 years old and he thought it was relevant to the treatment that is why he did not put it on the intake form.

I inserted an acupuncture needle in his left ear tonsils somatotop location, when I came back to the room his eyes were watering.

When asked how is he doing he said fine but that his eye feel wet for no particular reason.

After this session the patients headaches had disappeared to never return.

In this case, the tonsils were a 'Focus' - a blockages to healing that had caused headaches, the area was probably still inflamed for many years past the surgery and when the body got weaker as the patient aged the head aches started.

I have many stories like that of 'Focus' that causes weakness in our bodies and at a later stage can contribute to symptoms that the body cannot resolve.

So the short answer to the original question, What can German Auricular do for you?

A lot !!!

Auricular acupuncture can help unblock your body via the nervous system so it can access more of its healing resource to treat symptoms that are current and don't respond to treatments. After the blockages are cleared via Auricular acupuncture the body start responding to therapy and the symptoms start to subside.


(Nir Had Studied Auricular Acupuncture through the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine):


Recommended books:

Ear Acupuncture: A Precise Pocket Atlas, Based on the Works of Nogier/Bahr

Auriculotherapy by Raphael Nogier 

Identifying and Treating Blockages to Healing: New Approaches to Therapy-Resistant Patients Paperback – Illustrated, Dec 10 2003 by Beate Strittmatter

Auiruclar Map1.PNG

Auricular acupuncture is a style of Ear Acupuncture that was developed by the French physician Dr Paul Nogier of Lyon France.

Dr Nogier had investigated an effective folk treatment of cauterizing an area of the ear for the treatment of severe and chronic lower back pain.

Dr Nogier had realized that he has found a map of the whole body in the ear, to create this map he the radial and a pressure probe on different locations in the ear. He had discovered that areas of body pathology show as tender spots on the ear and so with many years of research he had manages to map the whole body into the ear - map / somatotop.

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