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Our approach to treatment

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Acupuncture is a journey to a better health and you decide how deep you would like to look into yourself in order to create lasting positive changes in your health.

Sometimes a chronic health condition requires a long journey and addressing the root cause of your health concerns.

When addressing the root cause many different symptoms can improve.

In Chinese medicine it is said that the emotions are the root of the organs, sometimes in order to heal we need to harmonize our emotions and heal our deep seated trauma.

Everyone is different, the attentive practitioner will try to meet his patients where that are at and treat the layers in their body where they are able to heal in a comfortable way.

Nir practices from Kelowna, B.C. he combines a few styles of body acupuncture and ear acupuncture to help support the healing journey of his clients.

Nir has been practicing Acupuncture for 14 years and he uses a few styles of acupuncture according to the condition of the patient.

Many times Nir encounters patients with persistent symptoms and then there is a need to look into the deeper aspect of what is preventing healing in their bodies and use all the many tools that acupuncture has to offer.

For example: In case there is a lot of stress in the patients background and history, then using the 5 elements style of acupuncture initially can clear emotional toxins from the nervous system and can support the clients nervous system to be able to receive the following aspects treatment with ease and to respond to the acupuncture treatment in a positive and optimal way.

If the client's internal organ system is not strong ( most of us living our north American life style can use some help on that area) with our adrenal gland, digestion, toxicity and blood flow to our internal organs - then the Japanese style (Kiiko) is excellent in strengthening our bodies and resolving internal weakness and chronic pain.

If we had trauma in our past or unknown blockages to healing the German Auricular (ear acupuncture - style) can map and clear our blockages and map and support the healing of our trauma. In this style of ear acupuncture there is a concept of 'time line' that can show what age a significant event had happened that should be addressed and healed on the emotional / sub-conscious level so the body can heal as well.

Many times the kink in the neck, the chronic pain in the lower back, the inability to relax and the chronic health condition are based on the history of our lives and the compensation patterns that the body is producing to achieve relative health.


With the years or accumulations of imbalances the capacity of the body to compensate decreases and symptoms appear.


In order to release / heal these symptoms we should look into what is causing the need of the body to compensate. As we reduce some of the stressors on the body and nervous system, the capacity of the body to heal increases and returns.

Many times our stress conditioning starts in our mothers womb, this common stressor can be cleared and neutralized using German auricular using the approach of 'pre-natal trauma' clearing.

Many times the fine needles would not be inserted into the area of pain, the treatment would work on the nervous system level to release the area of pain and nourish and balance it's surrounding tissue. 


( for example - lower back pain that relates to pelvic imbalance / over active adrenal gland or tight hip joint - that relates to ovarian cyst).

When receiving an acupuncture treatment it is very common to feel a Sense of Peace and Calmness. When you feel calm it is easier for your body to go into ‘Healing Mode’, to release and to create lasting changes that promote Health, Vitality and benefit Structural Alignment.

Using some intuitive ability, pulse and abdominal diagnosis and palpation, Nir is able to tailor an appropriate acupuncture treatment to the needs of his patients.

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