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One of the main styles of acupuncture which Nir uses is called German Auricular (which is a style of Ear acupuncture), one of the advantages of this style of acupuncture is its capacity to recognize and resolve deep blockages to healing that resides in the patient’s nervous system.


These blockages to healing can be a surgical scar, chronic inflammatory conditions or deep seated emotional traumas.

Nir practices from Kelowna, B.C. he focuses on the treatment of Pain, Neurological Conditions, Emotional Trauma, Structural Conditions, Women’s Health (Hormonal Issues, Menopause symptoms, Insomnia…), certain Men’s Health Issues (Prostate, High Blood Pressure, Lower Back Pain…) and the treatment of older adults.


Nir has been practicing Acupuncture for Eleven years and he uses a few styles of acupuncture according to the condition of the patient.

When treating Pain, Nir works with the concept of ‘Neuropathic Pain‘ which explains how chronic pain is actually ‘maintained in our spine and Brain’ and that is why Nir is a strong believer of Distal Acupuncture techniques which emphasized the treatment of pain (and other conditions) through different areas of the body that can affect the brain and nervous system in order to ‘correct and normalize’ the way the body ‘views’ and ‘innervates’ the symptom area.


Using these distal acupuncture techniques we can reduce pain and symptoms and can facilitates normalization of different areas in the body and support it’s ability to self heal.

When receiving an acupuncture treatment it is very common to feel a Sense of Peace and Calmness. When you feel calm it is easier for your body to go into ‘Healing Mode’, to release and to create lasting changes that promote Health, Vitality and benefit Structural Alignment.

Using the ability to ‘Read’ the ‘QI’ – “Life force” of the patient, Nir uses a few different styles of acupuncture to tailor the acupuncture treatment to the needs and symptoms of the patient.

When using body acupuncture, Nir needles only the active acupuncture points on the body of the patient in order to achieve optimal results, using ultra fine needles with minimal discomfort. (Discerning which acupuncture points are active tends to increase the efficacy of the treatment).

When using Ear – (Auricular) Acupuncture or Laser Acupuncture (when treating children) Nir applies approaches following the “German Auricular – Ear Acupuncture” method to clear blockages to healing and to resolve old and persistent symptoms.

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