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Nir has been practicing Acupuncture since 2009.

On June 2019, Nir and his family have relocated to Kelowna B.C from Ontario, Nir became a member of the CTCMA, which is the B.C. regulating Body for Acupuncturists and TCM practitioners.


Nir Takes the gentle approach to acupuncture using ultra-fine needles, coupled with precise palpation skills to create a calming and effective therapeutic effect. He practices Acupuncture in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine using Classic styles of acupuncture and Newer styles of acupuncture according to the client’s symptoms and needs.

Nir had a background of treating clients using bodywork (Shiatsu Massage, Tuina Massage, he also studies one year of Osteopathy) and as he progressed with his acupuncture skills, he uses mostly acupuncture in his practice with great results.

Nir focuses his practice on the treatment of Pain, Structural Conditions, Neurological Conditions (Post Stroke Rehab), Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Stress reduction. Acupuncture can be helpful in the treatment of Pain and Structural Conditions, Digestive issues, Stress and certain Chronic Health Conditions.


Nir finds that receiving Acupuncture can be beneficial on many levels, when used by a skilled practitioner acupuncture is a systemic treatment which works with all your body to help it self regulate. Receiving regular Acupuncture treatments can help promote your health, create better awareness to health and provide tools for personal growth and life style changes.


My Mission as a practitioner of Acupuncture and TCM Is to support you in achieving your health goals and to help you bring more balance into your body and to provide an excellent and effective Acupuncture Treatments. To continue educating myself and my clients and deepen my understanding of Chinese Medicine and the art of Acupuncture. To help you heal your pain, support you in recovering from chronic pain, help rehabilitate you if you had a stroke, help you become more connected to your body and breath more deeply. To support you through different life stages, keeping you in the best health possible, stress free and positive!


My Education:

  • Reiki Master, India (Pune, 2000).

  • Shiatsu Massage Diploma (2003, 2 year program).

  • 2300 Hrs, Diploma Acupuncture, Institute of Traditional Medicine -Toronto (2009).

  • Kiiko-Nagano style of Japanese Acupuncture, apprenticing with Tak Tsurusaki.

  • 200Hrs Japanese Acupuncture program at the Shiatsu School of Canada.

  • Shinso Shiatsu workshops with the Master Practitioner – Mr. Ted Saito.

  • Craniosacral Therapy (CST1) with the Upledger Institue (2007).

  • Japanese Acupuncture workshops with grandmaster Kiiko Matsumotu.

  • Finished the 1st year (out of the five practical years) of the Osteopathy program with the Canadian College of Osteopathy (and took a break when my daughter was born – in 2014).

  • Various workshops and webinars in regards to The Balance Method, Distal Acupuncture, Master Tung Acupuncture family style, Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture.

  • German Auricular (Ear acupuncture) workshops (through the CIAM): Level 1, Level 2 and two workshop with Dr. Frank Bahr – the founder of German Auricular Acupuncture.


On a personal note


Our family lives in the beautiful Kelowna B.C. we have relocated to Kelowna from Ontario to be more connected to nature and to have a slower pace of life.

My wife Janice and our two kids are enjoying living in Kelowna and having access to Okanagan lake, biking and spending time at the beach.

We like to go hiking, biking and exploring the Okanagan beauty and nature.

We try to give our kids the tools to develop the capacity to love themselves and others and to do things not because they have to but because they understand the meaning and the intention behind their actions.



My Journey from Information Technology (IT) to Eastern Medicine

I originally started a career in I.T. and for five years I was working relentlessly in a big IT company, my career was advancing very well and my last position which I held for a year and a half was a team leader that was managing a team of 13 technology experts.


At the height of my IT career, I felt drained and unsatisfied, I was working way to many hours (while getting well payed) I felt that I will not be able to keep this going for a long time, I was exhausted, I was not breathing well, constantly sighing ( later on I discovered that this is related to an imbalance in the liver energy according to TCM).


I started to feel unmotivated and exhausted from spending late hours at work. I felt respected professionally and had good social life but something was missing and I felt like I was not completely fulfilling my destiny in this life.


People would always come to me for advice and I enjoyed this kind of heart to heart interaction but I felt like I am missing tools and deeper understanding of the human nature and nature of the world to be able offer significant help to others and to my own issues with life.


When I started feeling pressure in my chest, which I self diagnosed as stress related I decided to try and make changes in the way I lived and to my vocation.


The Journey to India

I decided to go for a long journey of self discovery, exploring a different culture and a different life style. I wanted to get to know who I am on a deeper level and have a better understanding of what kind of life do I want for myself.


India was a natural choice since life there is so different to the life I was used to and since it has many different well established traditions of spirituality.

I found myself spending almost two years in India, having an Intense; Liberating, Profound, Happy/Sad, Confusing, Clear and Inspiring experiences all together.


While in India, mostly in Rishikesh, Dharamsla and Goa, I was exploring different Meditation techniques, studied some Ayurvedic Medicine, explored different types of energy work (Pranic-Healing, Reiki) and practiced different styles of Yoga (Iyengar and Hatha).


Travelling was also a big part of being in India, I bought a Royal Enfield (old British designed motorcycle) and rode it across India for a while.

While in India, I was exploring different kinds of existential questions, I did not expect to get immediate answers to my questions but just by asking these question I got a better sense of what I wanted to explore during this life time.


When I came back from India I knew that Chinese Medicine is the grounded Medicine that I was looking for. This medicine was clinically tested for at least 2000 years in China and it has a clear clinical paradigm that can help with chronic and acute conditions, it is holistic and it is also able to work with emotions and stress.


I decided to study Shiatsu Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine and still am continuously striving to better my clinic knowledge and abilities in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in the art of Acupuncture.

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