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Body Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the 'Arms' of treatment in the 'wider' context of Traditional Medicine. Acupuncture has originally developed in China a few thousand years ago.

Acupuncture had 'travelled' to other Asian countries such as Hong-kong, Korea and Japan.

In Japan for example a practitioner usually practices either Acupuncture or Herbs while in China a practitioner will practice acupuncture and herbs in the same time.

Some believe that focusing only on one modality makes the practitioner more proficient in that modality.

Nir practices a few styles of acupuncture, the main one being inspired by the Japanese style of Kiiko-Nagano and some other acupuncture styles that are more structural and focus on relieving pain.

Nir also practices Auricular - Ear acupuncture as a stand alone style of acupuncture.


When using acupuncture Nir has the capacity to 'read the qi' of the patient and to sense which acupuncture points are active in the body of the patient, making the treatment more 'accurate' to the patient's clinical needs.

Nir using ultra fine needles with no stimulation giving an a effective a pain free treatment.

Acupuncturist use acupuncture with the method of distal needling understanding the relationships between internal organs, energy channels (Meridians), Neurology and Chinese medicine physiology. Using this distal approach local needles are mostly not needed.

For example 


When treating neck pain most often acupuncture points on the wrist and abdomen will be used; according to the patient's constitution and energetic presentation. Giving very good result in relieving the neck pain.

Each patient will a received a tailored acupuncture treatment according to what their body needs on that day, the qi system is very dynamic and the capacity to 'read' it makes the treatment more accurate and appropriate to the patient's body needs and clinical presentation.

Acupuncture old book
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