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Low Level Laser Therapy

Nir uses a low level laser therapy “LaserPen” that can be used with Kids or Adults, this approach is needle free and Pain Free.

The “LaserPen” can also be used in combination with acupuncture needles as a way to Enhance a Needle treatment (Ear or Body).

The uniqueness of Low Level Laser Therapy is its capacity to give a very fast, safe and specific treatment. The maximum efficacy for the point that is being treated with the laser is achieved after 15-40 seconds, per point.


Laser light also has different Frequencies that can be used locally to reduce inflammation and pain and to support the energetic aspect of internal organs, muscles, help regulate emotions, balance scar tissue, regulate dental inflammation and support the body to heal from Chronic conditions.

The laser light can penetrate to a certain depth which can help with local conditions such as Tendonitis, Sinus issues and the balancing of Surgical Scars. (The Laser treatment will not affect how the scar looks like but will affect how the area of the scar interacts with the body electrically).

Receiving a laser treatment is very relaxing and balancing and is well received by kids and adults.

(Special safety Goggles are worn during the treatment by the practitioner and the Patient in order to protect their eyes.)

Main conditions that laser acupuncture can be used for:

  • Post Concussion Syndrome

  • Children’s Health.

  • To help regulate emotions.

  • To help with Allergies

  • To help regulate ADHD / ADD conditions, restlessness.

  • Any pain on Tension in the Body.

  • Shoulder or any other Joint issues or Tendon Inflammation.

  • Balancing of Surgical Scar Tissue.

  • Auricular Acupuncture (Ear) – Pain, Chronic Conditions, Stress.

  • Any Condition that Needle Acupuncture is used for.

  • Shorter Treatment Time 15-60 seconds per acupuncture point – (around 30 Minutes per session.)

  • Support Smoking Cessation and Avoiding Food cravings for Adults.




What is laser acupuncture?



Laser acupuncture is the use of a laser device that irradiates a laser light beam on the skin of the patient. This irradiation on the skin is harmless to the body tissues but can have a positive effect on the acupuncture system, joints, muscles and nerve tissue and on a cellular level to create tissue regeneration.


The laser type that is used for Laser Acupuncture is termed a “cold laser” since it does not heat up the tissue, the laser beam does not harm the skin but special glasses are necessary by the practitioner and the patient to protect their eyes during the treatment.


This positive effect of the laser light can stimulate acupuncture points, lower inflammation, stimulate cell regeneration, cell healing and can also help with structural issue such as Tendinitis, Joint Conditions and with the treatment of Children – substituting the use of acupuncture needles.


What is the difference between Laser Acupuncture and “regular” Acupuncture? 


“Regular” acupuncture is the application of acupuncture needles on acupuncture points, which are located on skin on the body of the patient, Laser acupuncture is the use of the same acupuncture points but instead of using a needles a laser beam is used, which makes the treatment needle and pain free.


One of the advantages of Laser Acupuncture over needle acupuncture is that the time needed to stimulate an acupuncture point is relatively short – around 30 seconds, when acupuncture needles are used it will take around of 20-30 minutes for the needles to be retained in the body tissue.


Another advantage of the laser is that it has a frequencies modulated over the light beam – so it can be used to create a resonance with a specific tissue or structure in the body. The Laser – can be used with a frequency to affect different layers or tissue in the body's such as Structural layer (muscles, bone tendons), Nerve tissue layer, Internal organ layer.


The laser can also support the regulation of emotions, help reduce allergies and can electrically balance scar tissue in the body – using specific frequencies for that purpose – such as Anti-allergic frequency or Frequency C for Orthopedic conditions.


Scar tissue can create different issues in the body and weaken its ability and to access its resources of healing, therefore treating scar tissue with the laser can have a positive effect on your general health and on specific health conditions that are more persistent to therapy. The use of frequencies with the laser beam can make it into a very potent resonance therapy tool, which can assist with many different health issues.



What kind of device is used?


The laser device Nir uses is a RJ LASERPEN 500MW class 3B Infra-red laser 810nm, which is made in Germany.



How does it work?


A laser treatment is similar to an acupuncture treatment but in the case of the laser no acupuncture needles are utilized. The acupuncture points are stimulates one by one – each point for around 30 seconds - a correct frequency is added to each acupuncture point to make laser beam target the specific tissue of body layer.



For example:


A shoulder pain can be treated with the following frequencies: Orthopaedic, Shoulder specific, Meridian ( Colon, Lungs, Triple Heather), adjacent structures can be treated – such as cervical spine(neck), upper thoracic spine (upper back) and points on the ear or the body that will address underlying factors such as stress, allergies and constitutional weaknesses on the organ level.



What can it do for me?


• Help resolve structural conditions: tendinitis, frozen shoulder, knee pain, lower back pain.

• Help with Children's Health: stress, digestion, pain, emotions.

• Help with emotional stress.

• Reduce local and systemic inflammation in the body.

• Sleep, hormonal conditions.

• Help electrically balance scar tissue in the body.

• Help with Allergies.

• Help with addictions and smoking cessation.




A practical Handbook – Laser Acupuncture / Kreisler – Weber.

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