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Semi Permanent Needles - SMP

Semi Permanent Needle is an acupuncture needle that was developed especially for Ear (Auricular) Acupuncture.

It has a plastic applicator that nudges a small metal 'dart' into the skin of the ear.

The reason we use SMP needles is because it is so effective for chronic conditions.

Some of the neurological holding pattern that we are trying to shift in the clients nervous system needs a consistent stimulation of the ear to affect the brain. 

The average time for an SMP needle to stay in the ear is around 7 days.

While the needle is in it might be sensitive but you can wash your hair and be active, just try not to scratch the needle off when you are sleeping.

If the needle falls and the specific needle needs to stay in for more time, you can come back and Nir will re-insert the needle for you - one time for free.

The 2nd re-insert will be $10 for time spend and for the needles as well.

Treatments that usually need an SMP - is clearing trauma from the body, where it takes time for the body to process the emotions gradually. 

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